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CSA eGift Card. Members can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing any of our farm goodies of their choosing at anytime and in any amount! You can use the card at market, online on our square store site, and refill at any time. By purchasing a CSA eGift Card during the promotion period, you will receive a 10% discount off the face value of the Card! This equates to getting 10% off anything you purchase when you use the eCard!


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

What it means to a farmer is, a relationship with the people they are growing for and the financial support early in the growing season to be able to purchase seeds, compost, tools, and the help needed to grow healthy happy food. This is why I am offering the discount for the upfront support before the growing season starts. And I want you to know how truly important your support is at this time of year to farmers. 

What our CSA means for you is, knowing the farmer and how you food is grown, making an impact in supporting organic sustainable agriculture in our local community, sharing recipes and stories from the farm, and receiving quality organically grown vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs, and more - all made and grown on the farm with love and care. 

So, a little more on how simple and easy the eGift Card CSA membership works...we will be initially offering a $400 valued card with a 10% you pay only $360 for $400 worth of farm goodness! And it's good not only for the 30 week season, but the entire year! ...and it doesn't expire! The membership CSA cards will be available with discount now thru May 31. Afterwards, regular eGift Cards will be offered in different denominations at face value. The cards can be redeemed at the Market or online by using the card number, your email, or phone number at time of purchase. Your balance is automatically tallied.


This year we're growing select crops in larger quantities, along with lots of fresh herbs and hand cut flowers. As always, we grow organic & unique, fan-favorite varieties. We will again be offering our free range hen and duck eggs as well as raising pastured broiler chickens and ducks. In addition, we will also be offering hand-crafted products grown and made with ingredients from the farm.

I truly appreciate your interest in supporting our little farm to continue to grow. It is so valuable to farmers to receive the upfront support of a CSA, investing in the year of growing together and acquiring the tools, feed, and seeds to make it all possible.

Here are some things I am growing in 2022: carrots, garlic, leek, fennel, onion, snap peas, spinach, bok choy, lettuces, cucumbers, beet, hakurei turnip, broccoli (fall only), tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, burgundy okra, some sweet corn, sweet potatoes, Asparagus. I am also growing lots of flowers and a long list of unique herbs. I will continue to grow using organic practices, all natural fertilizers, low till methods & cover crops, and never spraying chemicals.

How to order your eGift Cards
-From the eGift Card online order Site:You can order your custom eGift Card by clicking eGift Card and then chose your design, amount, delivery date, as well as add a personal message and the recipient’s information. You then enter you payment information and receive an email confirmation of your order.
-How You can check your eGift Card Balance: From the original eGift Card email, click on the View Your eGift Card button. The page will have information about the card balance, transaction history, methods for redemption, and the original gifting message.
You can use it on the online Square site 'farm store' for pre-order for pick up at the NOLENSVILLE FARMERS MARKET @ 7248 Nolensville Rd.
-or.. on at Blue Heron Farmstead @ 11048 Bradley Creek Rd. Milton TN 37118 with confirmed pick-up time. 
We grow all natural, organic, clean, and healthy produce as well as healthy humanely raised pastured poultry, eggs, and livestock.  We are a small family farm who cares about sustainability and in creating healthy soil and all natural growing environments.  This translates into produce healthy, nutrient dense, and tasty food. We also include tips on storage and handling, as well as tasty recipe ideas.  We are always happy to answer any questions and encourage members to visit the farm and see what we do in person. 
We are unable to provide refunds.  Supplies and inputs for produce growing, harvesting, and management are purchased by the farm specifically for CSA members.  We incur these expenses for each CSA member once they have purchased eCards. You can use your eCard at anytime, however, if unable to use, you can gift your eCard if you wish, however we will be unable to issue any refunds.

Have a question? Please feel free to email me at 

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