Blue Heron Farmstead is located in the rolling hills of Milton Tennessee. It started off as a dream to be closer to my food, the land, and learning to do all sorts of things. New experiences around every corner give way to a lot of patience, observation, and dedication. When it comes to farming, there is nothing as sweet as the reward of your own hard work.

We practice organic regenerative methods. No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are sprayed on our farm. We take great consideration to provide a safe harbor for beneficial insects and in feeding the soil naturally. We are growing a wide variety of seasonal produce, herbs & beautiful flowers.

Chickens and ducks are rotated through our pastures forging for food, doing what nature intended, feeding the soil, and in return we get delicious farm fresh eggs. Our animals are supplemented with All Natural  non GMO & Soy free feed, fermented grains, and plenty of garden vegetables.

From seedling to your plate, I want to invite you to take this journey with me. We will share seasonal recipes, laugh at the failures, and rejoice with the successes and savor the nourishment of the harvest. Lets bring food back to life! Know your farmer!


You can find our produce every week at the Nolensville Farmers Market April 25-November 21! @ 7248 Nolensville Rd. EVERY SATURDAY 8am-noon.

Join our CSA- reserve your eggs, and cook through the seasons with us.

Eating local, means supporting local. These fine establishments create delicious food with our produce. I am very grateful for their support and passion about supporting local farmers!

Husk, Margot Café, Kayne Prime, Moto, Virago,

Butcher & Bee 

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