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Find us at the WINTER Nolensville Farmers Market at 7260 Nolensville Rd. EVERY OTHER Saturday currently 10-1pm. And back EVERY WEEK for the spring-summer 2023 season starting in May.

Blue Heron Farmstead is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Milton Tennessee. It started off as a dream to be closer to my food, the land, and learning to do all sorts of things. New experiences around every corner give way to a lot of patience, observation, and dedication. When it comes to farming, there is nothing as sweet as the reward of hard work.

We practice organic regenerative methods. No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are sprayed on our farm. We take great consideration to provide a safe harbor for beneficial insects and in feeding the soil naturally. We are growing a wide variety of seasonal produce, herbs & beautiful flowers.We have also grown to make value added product lines along with handcrafted Arts and Crafts.  We utilize what we grow and forage from our farm and create deliscious foods and unique works of art. All Farm Grown and Farm Made!

I am excited to host WWOOF volunteers on my farm again this year, and all that 2023 may bring :) Although an injury set me back last year, I had the opportunity to continue crafting food and art from farm grown ingredients.  It brings me joy to see something from seed to creation. And now the cycle starts again and I am eager to get back to field this year! I am grateful for this opportunity to grow for you. 

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